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Flipped Learning 31-11-16 BIDMAS

Hi All, Many of you were surprised to find that one of the questions on your arithmetic that you thought to be quick and easy – you got wrong last week. The problem was this: 120 – 60 divided by 5 Many of you worked out this problem and gave it an answer of 12 This was INCORRECT. […]

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Year 6 Homework & Spellings Due 6/12/16

Due in: Tuesday 6th December Please stick to 2 pages of A4 only. Take care with your presentation. Topic: Over the next couple of weeks, we will be making some Christmas Bread. School will provide ingredients to make the dough and the following options for fillings: chocolate, cinnamon and sultanas. If you would like to […]


Homework and Spellings

Homework – Due in Tuesday 29th November Topic – Research, make and try some Victorian Food. Present the recipe (and a photo if possible) along with the list of ingredients (noting possible allergies) in your topic book. Your book must be handed in by TUESDAY. If you want to bring in your food (again labelled […]


Maths Flipped Learning – Division and interpreting remainders

In Year 6 we are required to know not just how to divide, but how to deal with and understand the remainders we can end up with. The following two videos explain how you might convert these remainders into fractions or decimal depending on the context of the question. Have a look at how you might […]

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Year 6 Homework & Spellings

Due in: Tuesday 22nd November Please stick to 2 pages of A4 only. Take care with your presentation. Science: Your task is to research a prehistoric creature called the Gastornis, which is a giant flightless bird. You need to create a factfile (details about its fossil, when/where it lived, what it ate & its behaviour) […]


Flipped Learning Homework (Children’s) – Due in Monday 14th November

As we explore fractions it is important to recognise fractions in lots of different contexts. For homework we would like you to watch this video and have a go at making your own Tangram Toast. This should be fun, but you will probably need several pieces of toast and be prepared to stop the video […]

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Year 6 Homework – Due 15.11.16

Due in: Tuesday 15th November 2016 Literacy: Next week, we will be working towards writing a diary entry for a character from a new story. To show your current understanding of the features of a diary entry, your task is to write your own diary for one day (or more if you wish!) between today […]


Year 6 Homework + Spellings 03/11/16

Your homework this week is: Literacy: You need to find out about synonyms and antonyms. Find a definition for each. Then, find at least 3 synonyms for: wealthy, innocent, villain and  Then find an antonym for each word. Try to find examples that other people won’t have and that you can use in your Oliver […]