Flipped Learning – Grid Method for Multiplication

From your booster groups and past homework questions, multiplication has come out as an area in which we need to put a bit more practise. You should ALWAYS look at the question BEFORE leaping into using a strategy so that you can:

  • Identify what you notice about the calculation and the relationships between the numbers
  • Quickly estimate an answer to give yourself a target for which to reach
  • Decide on the most efficient method / strategy for solving the problem

The GRID METHOD is a good strategy to use for multiplication problems. A reminder of how to do this is shown below (although could make use of further workings to help add up the parts of the grid):


Follow the link below to a game where you can practise you grid method skills. There are 3 levels of challenge for you to choose from. Select the one that challenges you.

COPY THE QUESTIONS INTO YOUR HOMEWORK BOOK along with your workings and answers.


Good Luck!



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